BiG L has been a true supporter and good friend from Day 1, literally, ha. We go way back to the Naples, FL days. Shes is also quite the artiste as well. She hooked me up with this dope poster before taking off to Chula Vista, literally, ha. Much thanks and without further or due… check her out on twitter


Kay&Lo hooked me up with this sick poster. Much Love to you both! 😉 Oh yeah, both of them are BEASTS when it comes to graphic arts.


I want to personally thank these individuals for helping me raise awareness to GLOBAL HUNGER. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you all, Cheers.

Craigwell Family

Joan E. Jenkins

Felicia Freeman

Angela Ivana

Chris Smith

Marquis Thomas

Logan Jones

Marshala Lee

Barrett Hazeltine

Lindsey Brittain

TJ and Maria Reap

Winifred Hagan

John Condakes


2 responses to “SUPPORTERS

  1. Andrew and Lilian Hutchinson

    Best of luck Miles!!!!

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